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Add support for simple shape creation without DXF files (Beta Tester Suggestion)

It would be useful we could create circles, rings and rectangles and maybe other simple shapes inside MyNesting without importing a DXF file.

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Hi Chris,

We are currently undergoing a major redevelopment of the MyNesting software and should have news about this during 2020.

However, good news is that this feature has already been implemented in our other software product, NestFab.  You can type Rectangles, Circles and Ring dimensions directly into the software.  You can also feed this data into the software using a spreadsheet (CSV file).  There is full information about the CSV format required in the help documentation. There is a full free trial of NestFab available from

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

To create rectangles and rings is a requirement for us to purchase this product. We have a separate estimation team whom are extremely attached to legacy software I would badly like to be rid of, however I agree with their claim that we should not need to allocate comparatively expensive AutoCAD licenses just to achieve this function.

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