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Support Group Parts as Drawn in Modern importer (Beta Tester Suggestion)

The legacy importer included an option to support importing groups of parts in a DXF as they were drawn so that the nesting would treat them as a single part. You should add this functionality to the modern importer.

Thanks Julian.  Glad I could point you in the right direction!

We will be adding the groups feature to the modern importer soon.

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I can declare temporary blindness!  Thanks for helping me find the right place to click!!!  I only need the legacy importer on the off chance I want to import a group, otherwise the modern importer has been great!

Yes.  You can choose which importer to use from the Preferences link at the top right of the MyNesting window.

Is there any way to access the legacy importer with the new version 5.1 software?  I can't seem to find an option and my pre version 5 software (and thus the legacy importer) will no longer work.

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